Rabu, 30 Juli 2014

manfaat binahong

Home> Binahong and merchandise Binahong and merchandise Binahong Fresh leaves Binahong binahong Binahong leaves directly we tend to take from the garden and packed directly once there's order then we tend to send it to the address of the customer via POS / TIKI / JNE price: 25.000 / bag (1/4 kg) Treatment victimisation binahong leaf is that the most potent thanks to treat stubborn diseases. Processing of contemporary leaves will binahong by boiling (in pottery clay), juiced, or ingested directly. To preserve the leaves will be keep within the white goods. though the leaves have withered binahong it doesn't cut back the effectuality or profit binahong leaves will still be used. Tea brewed Binahong tea binahong
For those that desire a sensible, will consume tea binahong. Staying brewed in an exceedingly glass of quandary, wait five minutes therefore deh. Binahong tea able to be consumed. Because the form of dry, tea binahong will setback to at least one year on condition of tea binahong in meeting state and unbroken in an exceedingly dry place. Price: 25.000 / box (10 sachets) Tea Binahong Super binahong tea super Combined binahong leaf, Piper betel leaf stone and soursop leaves evidenced more impregnable cure serious diseases. several of our customers have felt the advantages. Price Rp.35.000 / box

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